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"Packrafts are ... lightweight, portable, inflatable, durable, responsive and versatile."

With them ... You can hike long distances over rough terrain. You can navigate rowdy whitewater. You can enjoy a hassle-free family float. You can fish on a remote alpine lake. You can ferry across a river to ski untouched powder. You can combine pedaling with paddling for a bikeraft trip.

Rental Rates for Packrafts

Packraft rentals start at $45 per day, with significant discounts for extended rentals. Week-long rentals cost $200. Rates include spray deck, inflation bag and small repair kit. For nationwide rentals, there’s no charge for the shipping time.

Packraft Rentals by FedEx

Our nationwide rental process is simple! Step 1) We FedEx you a packraft. Step 2) You go on an awesome adventure. Step 3) You put the packraft back in the box, affix the provided return label and drop the box off at any FedEx location.

Who We Are

We follow our dreams, even if it means taking a big leap. The passion we bring to our business shows in the reviews from our customers. Please take a moment to go behind the scenes and meet us in this one-minute video.

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